About Us

Why See Art?

Two words: Powerful Communication.
We are ycArt. We are graphic designers, musicians and composers. And we innovatively unite these Art forms to image and sell your purpose, imagination, and individuality. At ycArt design studio we guarantee that the individual voice will be seen, heard and recognized. We facilitate this by designing relevant, creative and effective presentations of You—the Individual—And your Business.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to work with each account personally—familiarizing ourselves with each client’s and Business’s unique character traits and personality quirks—incorporating these qualities into marketable, customized image presentations with unique layout designs. To ensure that your best attributes shine brightest, thereby enabling the highest return on your investment, we cultivate lasting personal relationships with each of our clients. We expect to achieve the perfect fusion of ideas, words and images.

Image, Perfected. ycArt.

Ying-Chen Kao & David Witmer